13 May 2010

Time flies...

Tomorrow is the 14th.

My cousin's 18th birthday - Happy Birthday K!

A Friday - always nice.

Payday - even better.

The day after a big evening work event, which means I'll probably be really tired and just a bit grumpy. Sorry Chris.

Seven days before my friend K's wedding. Congratulations K & M!

Nine years and one month that Chris and I will be married. Woohoo! Still married and we still like each other!

And also exactly 4 months since we "went live" with our adoption profiles.


Despite protestations in earlier posts that I wouldn't be marking time as we wait and that instead I would simply be in the present moment enjoying life to the fullest...Yeah...Not so much despite my best efforts.

I seem to be hyper-aware of time these days.

I haven't been consciously counting the days, but this morning I wake up to the thought that tomorrow is the 14th and that it's been 4 months of waiting (quite a bit longer if you add in all of last year as we prepped for the adoption...) So my subconscious or my body or some part of me is indeed carefully marking time while my conscious self is going about my life. That subconscious part of me alerts my conscious self as another significant date approaches.

How utterly annoying.

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