07 May 2010

Mother's Day...

Mother's Day is quickly approaching.

I usually call my mom on Mother's Day, but won't have to this year because she and my dad are here visiting this weekend. They're back at the hotel eating breakfast and cleaning up after our visit to the gym this morning. (Where, by the way, I discovered to my horror that my 69 and 72 year-old parents are in SOOO much better shape than I am....)

So, a little time to write something here on the blog.

Kind of had this little fantasy in my head that by Mother's Day 2010 I'd actually BE a mother. That there'd be a little tiny baby in the house keeping Chris and I (and the cat) awake at all hours of the night, but that we'd all be sort of happily exhausted (except the cat, who will no doubt be outraged by the appearance of some other small being that will take her place as the center of our Universe...)

Not so much.

Still no call.

Still waiting.

But - as the saying goes - it is what it is.

So, instead of moping about it I'm going to revel in the present moment. Planning to take my folks to Whole Foods for a healthy delicious lunch (no Whole Foods where they live...) and then off to the zoo for the afternoon. Tomorrow we'll hit some museum or other.

And then on Mother's Day we'll have a lovely dinner with my mother-in-law, her husband and our Nana at a favorite Thai restaurant.

While I am not yet able to mark off Mother's Day as "my" holiday, I'm going to enjoy it all the same this year because I will be with three of my very favorite moms.

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