17 May 2010

Being here...

The BMI ("Body Mass Index") calculator tells me that I am obese.


It even sounds like a yucky negative word.

But there it is.

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (part of the National Institutes of Health) "BMI" is:
a measure of your weight relative to your height and waist circumference measures abdominal fat. Combining these with information about your additional risk factors yields your risk for developing obesity-associated diseases.

For people who are considered obese (BMI greater than or equal to 30) or those who are overweight (BMI of 25 to 29.9) and have two or more risk factors, the guidelines recommend weight loss. Even a small weight loss (just 10 percent of your current weight) will help to lower your risk of developing diseases associated with obesity.

Never thought that I'd get here. I mean I've always struggled with being heavy, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever get to the point of being labeled "obese."

Of being obese.

I hate it.

And I hate that I did this to myself.

I have only myself to blame.

But the thing is...I did this to myself and I know that I can undo this to myself as well.

Now, as you may remember from previous posts, I have been losing weight. I had lost the equivalent to 56 sticks of butter by the best count back in March...but then the floods hit and all hell broke loose for a while. I fell off of the good eating/regular exercise wagon. Not terribly, but enough that a few of those sticks of butter have crept back onto my already large frame.


Damn it.

So, here I am again. Renewing my commitment to living a Healthy 2010 and Beyond.

Because I want to be here for our Schmoopy. I want to be able to run around after her and with her and not be exhausted - or worse - really sick and incapacitated by a totally preventable disease.

Schmoopy deserves to have a healthy mom to be here for her elementary school, middle school, high school and college graduations. And to be around and healthy for her wedding. And perhaps the birth of a grandkid or two. To be around for the everyday stuff and for the hard times.

To just be around period.

If I continue on the path of obesity, I worry that there is a distinct possibility that I will not be around or will be so incapacitated that I won't be a good mom. That I won't be able to help our Little One grow into the person that she is meant to be.

Time to get back to health!

So, if you see me out there chowing down on a big, fat laden candy bar or french fries or some other ridiculous food that has no business in my healthy life, please remind me of this post.

I have a ways to go before I am no longer labeled "obese" by the BMI calculator! But I know that I can do it!

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