19 May 2010

No, none for YOOOUUUU, Jennifer...

13 dresses.

No that's not a movie.

That's how many plus size dresses I find during visits to three different department stores this evening. That's right - THREE department stores!

Macy's = No dresses (and nothing remotely dressy - just sloppy looking casual wear)

JCPenny = No dresses (just like Macy's...sack-y, sloppy looking sportswear)

Nordstrom = 13 dresses (13 really kind of sad looking, mother-of-the-bride-y looking, old lady looking dresses. Needless to say, I am not inspired to try any of them on.)

How can two national department stores not have a single plus size dress in their entire stock??? And the one department store that does has the most pitiful little selection tucked away in a corner - UGH! Horrible!

It's like the department store folks are just saying, "Oh, we're so sorry dear Fat Person, but there are noooooo nice dresses for you. Nope. Not here. We don't serve your kind. We don't actually need your money. Just go on your little merry way and make room for the thin deserving people."


Talk about dispiriting.

I leave the mall feeling somewhat hopeless, but decide to go for one last try at Kohls since it's on my way home.

# of plus size dresses at Kohls = 7

# that do not look like completely shapeless potato sacks = 4

# that I try on = 4

# that look hideous on me = 3

# that fit and look moderately decent = 1

So I buy it.

Here's the thing. I am attending a wedding this weekend and realized rather belatedly that I don't have anything appropriate to wear for said wedding. Hence, my very frustrating and demoralizing visit to the mall.

But now it's done and I'm all set.

At least for this wedding.

Miraculously...I even find shoes.

Go figure.

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