27 May 2010

Things I don't understand...

The whole "wearing my pants down around my knees" phenomenon among young guys (and some unfortunate young women.) I saw one the other day whose pants were just below his butt cheeks. Below his BUTT CHEEKS people. And he was wearing a BELT (apparently so the pants didn't fall off altogether?) What the hell is up with that???

Facial piercings and nipple piercings. Yeah. Just don't get that.  Ouch. And - as comedian Bill Engvall would say - people who "landscape the private property." DEFINITELY don't understand that at all. Eeeuuuwwww.

People who are cruel to animals.

The continuing trend in foo-foo-shi-shi restaurants to pile food in a single tall column on my plate. 

Why our cat Cecil wanders around the house with her favorite toy in her mouth MOANING pitifully and then when I actually throw it for her she just stares at me with a look of blank incomprehension.

Why I can only manage to keep my house tidy for a few days before it slides back into clutterdom.

"The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette," and all other forms of reality television with a bent toward romance, sex and people supposedly falling in love. Really? Seriously? Why?

Why I am still on the non-profit, fund-raising merry-go-round. 

That it's taken me so long in my life to realize what's truly important.

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  1. I read your post as I sit here getting ready to move to my new home. Having moved a gazillion times in the last ten years (and lots before that too) I'm pretty tired of the whole moving thing. "This is it." I tell my wife "We're not moving again until J [our 11 year old son] graduates HS."

    What I've realized is that moving over and over again has kept me from sustained creative endeavor - doing the things I ache to do. So, I'm looking forward to living in a smaller space with less stuff so I can focus on what really matters - my son, my wife and my calling.

    The bottom line is that we humans are so good at distracting ourselves from what we most love and wish for. The good news is that we *can* slow down, listen and reconnect. May you find a way to simplify your life in order to engage with what is truly important.

    Of course this doesn't answer the tall columns of food or low riding pant phenomena, but maybe some things are meant to remain a mystery...