16 May 2010


I'm usually fairly unproductive on weekends. A failing to be sure, but nonetheless true.

Most weeks I'm so wiped out from my work that there's just no gas in the tank by the time the weekend rolls around. Hence, while Chris is often busy cleaning the kitchen or doing the laundry because he somehow manages to have an amazing energy reserve, I can barely make myself just straighten a little around the house before I have to collapse in a heap on the couch.

Quite frankly, when I've had a busy week at work (which is just about always!) I resent having to come home to housework of any kind.

Stupid, I know. But true. I just want to come home to recharge the batteries, refuel, re-boot, re-whatever I can so that I feel prepped and ready for work on Monday.

How crazy is it that I resent my home life because it takes energy away from my work life???

Shouldn't it be the other way round???


But then there are weeks where for whatever reason I actually feel kind of peppy. When taking care of our home via a variety of house work-y kinds of chores is very appealing to me and I dive in with a kind of enthusiasm that I don't often have.

Like today.

Despite having had something of a crazy work week followed by social plans on both Friday and Saturday night, I have managed to have enough energy for a productive day: gym, grocery shopping, even making dinner.

Chris almost faints when I inform him that I am making dinner. "Really? Uh, what are we having?" has asks dubiously.

"Chicken cacciatore," I reply, "in the crock pot. If we don't eat it tonight we can just throw it in the fridge for later in the week."

He still looks a little dubious.

How bad could it be? I mean it's basically chicken and tomato sauce. Even I can't screw that up too badly. Right?

And now I'm off to tackle the Great Wall of Laundry in our bedroom. Four baskets at the end of the bed that always seem to be full to overflowing and that I can never seem to get completely emptied.


But today I am going to try!!

Chances are it's going to take me the two hours that the chicken has left to cook...

Wish me luck.

** Addendum **

That darn husband of mine had the TV on and was flipping back and forth between "Die Hard" and "That Thing You Do." So OF COURSE I was TOTALLY distracted from dealing with laundry. And now it's dinner time.

Laundry will just have to wait until tomorrow.

"Congratulations," says Chris with a grin, "you have succeeded in again avoiding folding the laundry."

Hee hee.

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