14 May 2010

Four months today...

I must've been radiating adoption "energy" yesterday while contemplating today's four-month marker because any number of people at work came over to ask me if there was any news yet.

"No," I say with a smile that I'm sure does not reach my eyes. "We're still waiting."

"Wow," says one of my colleagues, "It's been like 5 months."

I don't correct him, but instead say, "Yeah. It's been a while, but this is what happens in adoption. You wait."

"So, do you know what's available out there? I mean you can look and see if there are kids waiting, right?"

"Nope," I say. "They can just see us."

"Ohhhh," says my colleague thoughtfully. "Well, I hope you get some news soon."

"Thanks. Me, too. And thanks for asking, K. It was really nice of you."

Part of me is wondering if there are going to be future posts of "Five months today...", "Seven months today...", "Eleven months today..." and so on. I hope not. The 14th of the month has always been a good marker of time being that our wedding anniversary is April 14th. I hope that this day doesn't become something of a sad marker of time for me and that I don't start looking upon it with dread.

Truly, I hope not.

Chris and I have been so busy with flood stuff, work and my parents' recent visit that we have done absolutely nothing about updating our profiles, although we had said that we would at the three-month point. Chances are that this weekend we'll be dealing with flood stuff again - pulling off baseboards and putting more holes in the drywall to let it finish drying out. Possibly even taking down several walls in the storage room that we plan to demolish.

So, chances are probably equal that our profiles will remain as they are while we deal with the house.

Will updating our profiles really do anything toward getting us closer to being parents?

No idea. We're probably just fine with what we have considering how much time, thought and energy went into the original creation of the profiles.

Still...part of me feels like at least we'd be DOING something instead of just sitting around waiting.

Four months today.


Time to get myself ready for work. Time to go out and live and be in the present moment.

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