31 July 2009

Faith in humanity restored...

Sometimes access to too much information can be a very bad thing.

Reading blogs can be such a wonderful and positive experience...and then at other times...so heavy or heartbreaking or aggravating or shocking or just downright upsetting.

I am continually amazed at and horrified by the hordes of angry, pissed off people in the world and especially in the online world. The vitriolic rants they engage in on their own blogs as well as the hate-filled comments they leave on others' blogs - shocking.

Makes my blood run cold when I encounter them.

It's like a poison.

It's enough to make me almost lose my faith in humanity.

But then...sometimes online (and in the "real" world) you come across genuinely nice authentic people. Really lovely strangers like the two women who left such thoughtful and kind comments on this blog.

"Thanksgivingmom" of I should really be working... commented on my OK, it was a really short break...a bit of a rant post.

And "Brown" of Coming Clean: Confessions of a Secret Birthmom left a lovely comment on my So much...part two blog post.

People like these folks and acts of kindness like these...they surely do restore my faith in humanity.

So, thank you Thanksgivingmom and Brown for your good and peaceful energy. For your kindness. And for making this world a better place.


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