08 July 2009

Ten things (part two)....

that I am either not excited about or very nervous about as we become Plus One (in no particular order)...
  1. Being able to comfort the Little One when she is distressed
  2. Changing poopy diapers
  3. Singing to the Little One - my voice is terrible!
  4. Dropping the Little One or falling when I am holding her - I'm a klutz!
  5. Not being mindful of the Little One as an individual and expecting her to like all of the things that I like...unintentionally trying to turn her into a little version of Chris and I instead of letting her grow into who she is going to be with her own dreams and interests
  6. Disagreeing with Chris about the way we parent...struggling to talk it through
  7. Getting overwhelmed and not knowing how to ask for help
  8. Cleaning up baby barf
  9. Attending to the endless loads of laundry
  10. The Parental Learning Curve!

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