15 July 2009

Doubts eased...

If I had any doubts at all about an adoptive parent's ability to bond with her child, they were eased considerably on Sunday.

My father-in-law, C, and his wife, P, adopted their daughter, S, nine years ago. At age 10, S is an athlete, beautiful and quite the fun goofball. She stayed with us over the weekend while C & P went off to celebrate their wedding anniversary in the Berkshires.

We had quite the weekend...
  • 5.5 mile bike ride
  • Library visit
  • Lots of playing on the Wii
  • Pawtucket Red Sox baseball game
  • Playing cards (S KICKED MY BUTT in both golf and spit...)
  • Cooking together
  • Asking our Magic 8-ball a million questions
  • Reading Shel Silverstein poetry together
  • Going to a movie

Through it all S is great and we have a lot of fun. At one point, Chris says to her, "Hey do you want to call your parents?"

She looks surprised. Her reply, "Oh yeah! I guess I ought to do that."

As if she hasn't thought about them or missed them at all.

But when they pull up on Sunday evening, S is RACING across our front yard at break-neck speed to fling herself into P's outstretched arms. P picks her up and hugs her fiercely. The joyful HUGE smiles on both of their faces is quite a sight to see.

Just a little bonding going on there.

Doubts eased...

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