10 July 2009

Sleepy time...Annabel...and me





Apparently, I slept through much of our almost 19 year-old cat Annabel’s night-time operatic vocalizations...

Alas, my poor unfortunate husband did not.

“I don’t know HOW you slept through all of that!” Chris, bleary-eyed and yet still cheerful, exclaims this morning. “She was doing it RIGHT BY YOUR HEAD.”

He looks completely baffled.

Considering that I have struggled with insomnia for the better part of 40 years, it is something of a miracle that I slept through the INCREDIBLE racket set up by our little kitty. Perhaps it's our new bed...so comfy...when I do actually fall asleep, I sleep like the dead these days.

It makes me wonder if my poor husband will be the one to be constantly awakened by the Little One should she not be a good night time sleeper...

Sorry, Honey.

(Kind of...)

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