02 July 2009

Strange blogging moment...

I turn on the computer this morning to check the blog and the stats website I use to track my visits. Admittedly, I have become one of those crazy bloggers who wants to know several times a day, "Who is visiting? Where from?"

It's kind of a rush to see that someone from Washington DC or as far away as New Zealand has visited.

Yes...I'm a blog dork.

So imagine my surprise this morning then when I discover that a number of people have found their way here via a CNN Online article entitled "Single Black Women Choosing to Adopt"

What the heck? How the heck? Huh?

I run upstairs to tell Chris the news. Even he is just a little impressed and says, "You should write a blog post about this."

So here I am again writing about this rather strange event.

I visit the article trying to figure out how my little blog has become attached to this article since - well - quite frankly - I am not black...

Apparently it's the "adoption" portion of my blog that is of interest because my post "Why Adoption?" had information that CNN deemed related. "In the present moment..." was the third listed in their "From the Blogs: Controversy, Commentary and Debate" link at the end of the article (and in the time that I have been writing this post has since been replaced by several other blogs with more recent posts on the subject.)

And even though I am not black, I hope that those of you who found your way to "In the present moment..." and the "Why Adoption?" post may have at least found information of interest and use. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

(And, yes, I am just a bit geeked that I was attached - however briefly - to a CNN article...)

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  1. How exciting! And best of luck on your adoption journey! We know several adopted parents and it can go both ways, good or bad. But so can parenting your genetic progeny (I should know!). Somehow I think your journey will be good. ;o)