18 July 2009

My fantasy...


One might immediately assume that a woman's fantasies might involve Brad Pitt or George Clooney or some other flavor of the moment.

But not for me.

No...my fantasy does not involve a Brad or George or any other hunk-a-burning-love...

Instead.... it involves a radio show.

Yes, my fantasy is to be interviewed by Ira Glass and to share some part of Chris' and my adoption story on Chicago Public Radio's This American Life.

As you may have already guessed...I am a dork.

I started listening to This American Life some years ago when I was living in Minnesota and when I moved to Rhode Island fell out of the habit - not because I no longer wanted to listen, but because at the time it was nearly impossible to get good reception for National Public Radio where we were living in Newport. We lived in an NPR dead zone.

I never forgot about This American Life.

When we moved to Bristol I started listening again on and off, but with no real regularity because NPR reception here is mediocre at best. And then came...the free podcast. Oh joy! I've been catching up on all of the This American Life that I've been missing.

It's been wonderful.

Recently I enjoyed Episode 379: Return to the Scene of the Crime in which author, columnist and media pundit Dan Savage

"...points a finger at the Catholic Church for being the kind of criminal organization that drives him to atheism—despite the fact that he still wants to believe he’ll see his mom in heaven someday."

The above description does absolutely zero justice to this piece of writing and of Mr. Savage's amazing 15-minute performance/ recitation of it...funny, angry, poignant, sad, reflective, thoughtful...in short, one of the most brilliant and beautiful pieces of writing I've come across is a long time.

I listened to it three times in a row - laughing and crying all the while.

And wishing that I could write just one thing like it.

And in listening to this story - one among SO many amazing stories presented by Mr. Glass over the years - I realized that this is my fantasy... to be Dan Savage.

No, not really.

But to be a writer like Dan Savage who shares her story on This American Life.

As fantasies go, it's pretty darn tame.

Is our story or my thoughts about our impending adoption compelling enough for Mr. Glass to put me on the radio?

Probably not.

But one can fantasize...

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