14 July 2009

Too much sharing...part two

I have succumbed. I admit it.

“To what?” you ask.

To alcohol?


To drugs.


Retail therapy?



Good heavens, no!

Then…to what?


Darn it all.

I started a Facebook page way back when, but found the wall and the layout too confusing. I also felt that I was too old and not cool enough to do social networking and so I let it lay fallow for months and months and months. But recently, I had to make a professional Facebook page (don’t ask) and it reminded me of the personal one I had started so long ago... of the friend requests that I received over the last few months for the dormant personal page that I neither confirmed nor officially ignored and so I gave in…

I am apparently a lemming following the rest of the Facebook lemmings over the Facebook cliff.

Last night I resurrected the Facebook page that had been languishing since September. I accepted all of the Friend requests and “Friended” (when the heck did “Friend” become a verb???) a few people myself.

Poor Chris (who I had not seen all day) got a brief kiss from me, a few minutes of conversation and then watched me from over the top of his book at the kitchen table as I sunk down in the living room behind my laptop to tap furiously away at my keyboard….

Accepting friends.
Finding friends.
Sending messages to long lost friends that Facebook helped me to find.

Delighting in all that is social networking!!

It’s like a drug.

Chris gave up at around 9:30 p.m. and took himself off to the bedroom to read and eventually doze off while I, the crazed lemming, looked at my new friends’ walls to read about the minutiae of their lives.

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