01 August 2009

Autobiography h-e-double hockey sticks...

Chris and I are both overachievers.

It's true.

And in the case of the autobiographies we each have to write for the home-study process this is not necessarily a good thing.

Chris has been camped out all day and into the evening in our lower level office clackering away on his desktop computer while I spent half the day camped out in our living room and the other half on the deck also clackering away on my laptop (trying to be productive while enjoying an absolutely gorgeous day.)

The results so far:
  • 13 pages of outline for Chris
  • 6 pages of prose for Jenn (I'm not even half-way through the questions I'm supposed to address)
  • Seriously sore butts
  • Seriously aggravated and hungry felines whose early evening meal is now one hour overdue (Forest took it upon herself to leap on our kitchen island to scavenge for food.)
Chris' Facebook status currently reads:

Eight hours and counting as I work on my "5 to 7 page" autobiographical outline for the home study. Ha! The outline for this thing is 13 pages all by itself. I feel like I'm back in high school, have been told to write a 10-page paper and will instead be turning in a 20-pager.

We seriously need an editor.

And new chairs.

Ow! My butt!


  1. You guys are hilarious! Maybe you can turn what you've written for the home study into a larger bopk one day! no?

  2. ok- it's Suzy writing this... I put anonymous because I don't know how to register to make comments coming from me :( By the way, I spelled "book" wrong in my post. You clearly don't want to use me as an editor for any of your writing! lol