15 August 2009

Home visit...

Chris has been doing yard-work like mad today.

(Thanks, Honey! The front yard looks fabulous!)

I had to go to my office for a good portion of the day, but once I was done with work it was off to Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and the pet supply place to get bunches of stuff we need for the house.

And now I'm home and girding my loins for the onslaught...

Tonight it's cleaning cleaning cleaning and organizing organizing organizing.


(Cue scary music here...)

Because social worker M arrives on Wednesday evening to inspect our house!

This is a bit nerve wracking for me because I'm not exactly the greatest housekeeper.

Let's face it...if I'm totally honest...I kind of stink at it.

My mom once said to me about cleaning, "I don't know...sometimes I feel like I'm just pushing the dirt around."

I kinda feel the same way. But I'm going to try my best to get the place looking ship shape for our impending home invasion - er - I mean - home inspection. Luckily Chris is a good cleaner and keeps me moving when we have to clean.

Just heard the washing machine finish up...so I guess it's that time.

Look out, Dirt and Grime! Here I come!

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  1. Wow.. Home inspection already, that's great! I am sure the house will look fabulous! Best of luck guys!