27 August 2009

Let's get physical...

No. I'm not talking about the Olivia Newton John song (although apparently one of my friends on Facebook had that rolling around in her head for days and days...and now you will, too...)

I'm talking about a real physical - like at a doctor's office.

Like the thing that I'm getting done in two hours.


As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm 41 years old and not exactly svelte. These last few years of fund raising have seen my stress level - and my eating habits - go a bit crazy.

I'm not looking forward to this doctor's appointment.

And seeing the number on the scale.

And learning my current cholesterol level. (Please be good! Please be good!)


But the adoption folks say I gotta get it done...so I'm getting it done. Blood work (aaaiiieeeeee... needles!!!) and all.

Gotta make sure I'm healthy enough to raise the Schmoopie.

"Let's get physical - physical!! I wanna get physical!!..."

Wish me luck.

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