05 August 2009

Practice makes perfect....


Aka "Annabananabel" and "Noisy One" and "The Grrrrreeeeyyyy Bullet!!!"

She just turned 19.

She is an old kitty.

And yet...still very sprightly. Very feisty. Very athletic and graceful.

And very very very very very very very very noisy.

Have I mentioned how noisy she is?

"MROW!" is the sound most mornings that wakes us up...not our alarm clocks. And, unfortunately, while Annabel is as reliable as our alarm clocks in that we can always count on her to make noise every morning, she is not quite as reliable as our alarm clocks in that we never know quite what time that first "MROW!" is going to sound....could be 2:43 a.m. or, like today, 5:48 a.m.

The thing is that she doesn't stop with just one "MROW!!" They go on and on and on. Sometimes we just ignore her. Other times Chris tries to coax her back to bed. And still other times I say in a very tired voice, "Annabel, I am going to smother you with a pillow!"

(For those of you animal lovers out there - I'M KIDDING when I say that about the pillow...I love my Annabel...)

Our sleep deficit keeps increasing the older and louder Annabel gets. And, while I am pretty tired as a result, it's probably good practice for when the Little One arrives.

Practice may make perfect in most things...but this waking up at all hours and feeling sort of zombie-like throughout the day is something that I don't particularly wish to practice anymore. I'm good at it now thanks to Annabel.

Bring on the Little One!


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  1. While the adoption process had been long and difficult for us even after all the paper work was done, I certainly can look back at the application part with relief know it is over. It seemed like such a big deal at the time but later just seemed like a bump in the path. And now... it is all forgoten because we have our prize. Good luck and I look forward to your journey. I'd like to add your blog to my blogroll if that is ok with you.