04 August 2009

Nerves of steel...


No nerves of steel here...at least, not for me. I can't speak for Chris.

We have our individual interviews with social worker M this evening and I'm nervous.

Like REALLY nervous.

Toward the end of our interview as a couple last week I finally couldn't stand it anymore and asked M, "So, are we doing OK? Do you think we're good candidates to be parents?"

She gave us a nice smile, but not really much of an answer.

I'm going to take her smile as a good sign, but still...

As y'all no doubt are aware...I'm a dork (and just in case you forgot that fact, please refer back to my post My fantasy...)

And when I get nervous I talk a lot...and get kind of goofy...and rely on humor to get me through my bout of nerves.

M is very very nice, but I don't think that she and I quite have the same sense of humor.

And that makes me more nervous.

Which means I'll babble more and make more sarcastic/humorous remarks.

You see how this is going to go, don't you?

Maybe I'll get there early and meditate...get calm and centered.


Superman I'm not...no nerves of steel here.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck! You are awesome & will do a great job. Just keep breathing...