31 August 2009

When when when?

A lot of folks have been asking, "So, when will you actually get The Kid?"

So, here's the deal on that...there is still a LOT that has to happen before we become Plus One...

  • I still need to get fingerprinted by our local police department (the only hours in which to take care of this task...Thursdays 10:00-noon and 1:00-2:30)
  • we're waiting on the letter from the bank stating that we can afford The Kid
  • I have yet to request a letter from my workplace
  • we're waiting on letters of reference from friends
  • also still waiting on an FBI clearance confirming that we are not terrorists or members of the Most Wanted list
  • Chris and I need to submit all of our paperwork - once received - to social worker M
  • social worker M needs to write up her report (the Home Study) stating that we are fit to be parents
  • we need to submit our application to the adoption law firm
  • after applying to the law firm then we need to write our profile materials
  • profile then needs to be prepared by law firm folks and posted on the law firm website for viewing
  • then we need to wait while profile is viewed by women considering placement via adoption
  • hopefully we'll then be selected by a woman considering placement via adoption who proves to be a good "match" with us
  • then there is the waiting until the baby is born
  • then there is waiting to see if the mother will decide to parent her child instead of place her for adoption - and if that happens then we back up two steps and wait again
It may sound like we're moving fast on the adoption - and we are - but there is still a lot left to go.

So...if, as Chris has indicated on his blog, there are 150 steps in this adoption...we're on about Step #96.

Patience, my friends. Patience.

(OK, anyone who knows me will think that last line is pretty funny.)


  1. You forgot about the step defined as "writing the huge checks"

  2. People will ask ans ask and ask... It is great they are interested and showing their support, I loved it, but also after a while it got a bit painful for them, even more so than me. So it got to the point where we left it at "I let you know" since the wait for China adoption seemed to be extending from 2 to 3 to 4 and now maybe even 5 years. So when everyone got an email announcing our surprise arrival, lets just say confusion, congratulations and lots curiosity was flying around.