19 August 2009

Home invasion - er - inspection...done!

Social worker M made her inspection. After giving her the grand tour of the house, we sat out on our deck where we fed her fruit and chatted about this, that and the other thing...mostly to do with the house and the adoption.

M left at 6:45 p.m.

The house was (and still is) quite clean and, aside from the fact that the temperature during the home inspection was only just shy of what it must feel like on the surface of the sun, the visit went extremely well.

Apparently we passed our home visit.

We passed!

Chris and I are breathing huge sighs of relief.


Have I mentioned that we passed??? That M said this seemed like it would be a great place to raise a kid??? That she was impressed with the gardening we've done and the changes we've made to the house???

We passed!!!

So now we just have to get the rest of the paperwork done and submitted in the next three weeks or so.

(Oh yeah - and actually apply to the placement agency.)

We're one big step closer to bringing Schmoopie home.

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  1. What were the biggest changes you had to make? If you've already answered this in an earlier posting ignore my question (I'm reading the posts backwards - just the way i am!). ~G2