27 August 2009

Let's get physical...part 2

OK, so my new doctor has the bedside manner/personality of a potted plant.

She is efficient to the point of...well...she is in and out of that examining room in 6 minutes flat. I have no chance to ask any questions. I won't know if I "passed" my physical until sometime next week when the Potted Plant mails my required form back to me.

After my appointment it's off to the lab down the street to have blood drawn. Luckily I have not eaten any breakfast because one of my tests is a 14-hour fasting test for blood sugars...not that I knew I was supposed to fast because the doctor's office neglected to tell me that when I made the appointment. I just didn't have time to eat breakfast.

The one really good thing about my appointment (aside from the fact that I didn't faint when I had my blood drawn...yes, I have actually fainted in the past...) is that the Potted Plant gives me a prescription for a mammogram. Even though I already have an OBGYN, when the Potted Plant finds out that I am 41 and still haven't had my first mammogram, she writes out the scrip and indicates that she'll have the results sent to my OBGYN.

While I am at the lab having my blood drawn, I notice that in the same building there is an office for medical imaging. I walk myself over there (not having fainted I am in good shape to actually walk myself over there) and, miraculously, there's an opening for a mammogram the very next day!

For about thirty seconds I grumble a bit about having to have my boobs squashed between those plates, but in light of what my mother-in-law has just been through I am more than happy to get squashed to make sure that there is nothing insidious lurking...

So, my thanks to the Potted Plant.

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  1. Jen, I hope the boob-squashing goes well. I've always found it best to not watch and it's not at all painful. Teh techs always try to keep you talking so you're distracted. Heppy to hear you had a good experience even if it was with a Potted Plant :-)