14 August 2009


Chris is amazing.

I worked late last evening...a preview of my life for the next 4 months. It's "that time of year" in my work world.

I arrive home at 8:45 to find Chris downstairs at his desk.

"Whatcha up to?" I ask.

"Adoption stuff," he replies cheerfully.

One thing that I especially love about my husband is that when he's really "into" a project, he is so cheerful about it.

I can see from his computer screen that he has scanned his passport to make copies for our Plus One binder. He has apparently also scanned my passport. And made requests for our birth certificates. And re-read the list of stuff we need and informs me that certain documents require the preparer to sign and seal the documents in official envelopes and to sign across the envelope seal. And is planning to head to Portsmouth Town Hall the next day to get a copy of our marriage certificate.

"I think that we have extra copies of that," I say and within half a minute I produce the necessary marriage certificate copy.


One less trip for Chris or me.

And I actually participated, albeit very briefly, in some of today's adoption-related activity.

"Tomorrow I'll call the local police to see what we need to do to get our letters from them," Chris says.

My husband...a veritable whirlwind of adoption activity.

Bless his motivated little soul!

I take my somewhat less motivated soul and butt to the couch to watch an episode of "Clean House."


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