10 August 2009


Chris and I have been enjoying a visit with my parents.

It's been quite relaxing.

Eating. Chatting. Lounging inside during the crazy rainstorms that Lake Michigan sent our way over the last few days. Lounging by the pool during the one good weather day that we had. Lovely dinners out. A few movies. Reading. More reading. Loafing around on Facebook. Playing cards.


I'm feeling pretty rested and rejuvenated for the insane months of work ahead.

But it hit me today - our last day here - that this is likely the very last vacation we'll take for many years that will allow us to lounge, loaf and just relax.

In the near future we'll be Plus One.

We'll have a baby who will require feedings, numerous diaper changes, rocking, walking, soothing....

And then we'll have a toddler who will need feedings, trips to the potty, chasing around while he/she explores like mad...

And then he/she will be older and there will need to be entertaining games and activities...

No more loafing and lounging for us.

Ah well.

There are certain trade-offs that one must incur to become Plus One.

Am I crushed to be losing our loafing and lounging vacations?

Not really.

However, think I might sign off so that I can enjoy just a few more hours of lounging around...

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