09 March 2010

Vanity...thy name is ME

ME: [Walking into the copy room at work and seeing a co-worker I haven't seen in a few weeks] Oh, hi J.

CO-WORKER J: [smiles] Oh, hey.

ME: How're you today?

CO-WORKER J: Good. You?

ME: I'm good.

CO-WORKER J: [looks more closely at me... then, sotto voce] Have you lost weight?

ME: Yup. 14 pounds. That's the equivalent of 56 sticks of butter!

CO-WORKER J: [laughing] I like that. I'll have to remember it. Well, you look really good.

ME: Thanks! [leaves copy room...floating on air]


  1. I'll be even cuter when I've lost another 56 sticks of butter! :-)

  2. I noticed yesterday too, but someone else was standing with us I never know the proper etiquette for that kind of thing. But you're looking good!