14 March 2010

Non-adoption, non-parenthood post...

Am finding it hard to do anything productive today. A week of insomnia and strange sleeping/ exercise schedule has left me feeling wiped out.

That...or I'm catching whatever horrific virus that has Chris in its grip.

In a non-related thought...I saw no less than 5 people today at the gym who were busy sweating on the elliptical trainers at the same time that they were TEXTING on their cellphones (which, I might add, are not allowed in my gym...hence the large "PLEASE - NO CELL PHONES" signs posted everywhere.) Why can't people just unplug sometimes? Is it really that urgent to update your Facebook status when you're on the elliptical trainer???

I don't think so.

I was too wiped out at the gym to do more than two miles on the treadmill. Two slow, slogging miles that left me feeling breathless and pooped.

And in another unrelated bit of news...when I was driving to the gym today I saw a rafter of wild turkeys in the large front yard of a little farm on Tupelo Road. The turkeys live in the woods behind the farm, but frequently come to that little farm to peck around on the ground. I think the owners might put out food for them. Two big males, a few smaller males and some females. Twelve huge birds in all. Fat and seemingly content to peck peck peck in the grass alongside the road. One of the large males kept his long neck stretched high, his eye on me in my car as I sat there pulled over with my hazard lights on so I could watch them. The other large male strutted around with all of his feathers poofed out full and his magnificent tail spread wide. He had a pronounced limp when he walked and it made me think that he was really old. I hope he lives a very long life. They were really beautiful.

OK, bed is calling even though it's only 6:19.

Is it me or is my throat just a little sore?


Hope y'all had a good Sunday.

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  1. Sorry, honey. I think this is part of the "in sickness and in health" clause.