05 March 2010

No news...

It feels weird sometimes to be in this waiting phase because it means that there isn't a lot for me to report out here on the blog.

We're not "doing."

We're waiting.

Doing sometimes provides more fodder to write about for Blogland.

Waiting provides a lot of time for me to think and ponder and worry just a bit.

Mostly there's a lot of stuff running around in my head. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I'm still reading about and learning about adoption issues. However, as we get closer (I hope) to becoming Plus One my thoughts have turned more to figuring out how to be the best mom that I can be. I am realizing that I know very little about caring for an infant. And so I've started turning my attention in that direction.

Suddenly - the idea of caring for a tiny infant seems rather...big. And a little scary.

Motherhood...(cue scary music here...) Aaaaaiiieeeee!!!

I'm open to tips, advice, any super secret mom information (or super secret dad information... for any dads out there reading this blog!) you in the Blogosphere would care to share...



  1. My "parenting" advice: take time with you lovely husband and take time for yourself - savor it now - soon all will be different!

  2. Please, please get this book: MommaZen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood, by Karen Maezen Miller. It was helpful to read BEFORE I became a mom (I had time to read and savor) as well as helped me keep my sanity in the early days. I still turn to it periodically for comfort. You might also check out her website.

  3. The two most important lessons I have learned so far, first, the first few months won't last forever, things will get better, more routine. Second, start as you mean to go on. Meaning, if you plan to have your baby sleep in his own crib, no matter how tempting, don't pull him/her into bed with you. If you plan to have your child outdoors and active, get them out everyday - even if it just to the end of the driveway, mailbox etc. I can't count the number of times I have been so thankful I didn't give in or take the easier road in parenting, they learn from our expectations, even as babies I think.

  4. Gitana - thanks for the great advice. C and I are definitely enjoying as much time together as possible before we become Plus One.

    Kathryn - I LOVE that book. Glad to know hat I'm heading in the right direction with what I'm reading in preparation for motherhood.

    Vineland - this sounds like great advice. I quite appreciate the second bit as I am hoping this baby will be amenable to being very portable! I want us to be out and about as much as possible.

    Any more tips and tricks of the trade out there???