29 March 2010

The big wet...

The skies have opened up yet again here.

Rain forecast for the next THREE DAYS.

The ground here is already completely saturated (hence our flood...apparently the water table in our town is at an all time high. One of our neighbors who has never - in 28 years - had a flood, flooded on the same day we did because of the water table. There is just nowhere for all of that water to go!)

We just finished clean-up in our finished basement family room/offices from the flood we had last Wednesday. I'm dreading coming home this evening to find yet another 3 inches of water down there. (Granted - I feel really bad for us, but I feel even worse for folks in other parts of our state that have had to deal with many feet of water in their homes as several rivers reached and exceeded cresting points...)


As we were cleaning up the other day Chris says to me, "Well, think of it this way...At least we don't have Plus One right now."

So true.

I can't imagine cleaning up after such a disaster while having to care for an infant.

Small blessings, I guess...

But, in truth, I would have actually preferred the clean up with Schmoopie because that would have meant that she was here and part of our family.

Think dry thoughts for us here in Rhode Island, Folks.

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