10 April 2010

Making home livable...part 2

Everything I wrote in the first post of the day...


Turns out that our wonderful and loyal Fisher & Paykel super energy/water efficient washing machine bit the dust as a result of being under water for many days.

"Yeah," says the very nice repair guy this morning, "the flugalherman is completely rusted out. I've never actually seen one that rusted before. So is the whatchamajiggy and the thingamahoojy. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that the computer board is a total loss."

Cost to fix: $400. Possibly more. (He didn't have prices for all of the parts.)

The original cost of the F & P washing machine 5 years ago: $600.

Um, yeah, we're not fixing it.


"Um, Jenn," says Chris after the repair guy leaves, "I'm not sure we should be spending any money at IKEA if we have to go out and buy a new washing machine."

Oh, BITE ME, you stupid flood!

So we head off instead to Gil's to look at washing machines. An hour and a whole lot of moolah later (minus the $225 mail in rebate), we are now the proud owners of a Bosch front loading washing machine.

On a 15 inch pedestal!!

Take THAT water table!

Our plans to purchase a larger and more functional side board are scrapped for now. We'll just have to make do with what we have and figure out where to store some more stuff.

Oh - and I also made a trip to the consignment shop where I found a very nice $30 round coffee table that has opened up space in our living room. Yay!!! Our rectangular coffee table is now taking a hiatus from daily duty and is living or a while with everything else in the guest room.

Gotta run. I cleared off bookshelves in the bedroom (mysteries now in storage...except Martha Grimes, Lee Child, John Dunning, Laurie King and Craig Johnson) and am about to haul up our sci-fi/fantasy collection from the basement...some to go in storage and our favorite most-often read series (David Eddings, Dennis McKiernan, J.K. Rowling, Garth Nix and Suzanne Collins) to live in the bedroom.

I'm having so much fun.


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