03 April 2010

Cecil's grand day out...

As you may know from previous posts, our cat Cecil is grumpy.

Super grumpy.

And very neurotic.

And kind of a major wuss.

Cecil is an indoor cat. Always has been. She's very content to spend the day sleeping, the evening in a lap, and the night burrowed under the covers next to Chris.

She's not exactly what you'd call an adventurer.

She's more like a big useless grumpy lump who we love dearly.

So imagine our surprise this afternoon as we're dealing with gathering up damaged stuff from the basement to haul up into the backyard that we find Cecil OUTSIDE crouched at the top of the stairs of the bulkhead.

"Mrow," she moans low, looking pitiful and extremely frightened.

"Cecil!" I exclaim.

"WHAT?" exclaims Chris, who cannot see Cecil from his vantage point.

I go quickly up the stairs hoping that Cecil won't bolt.

"Cecil is out there?" Chris asks.


Luckily she doesn't bolt, but instead comes right into my arms like the big fraidy cat that she is.

"Omigod! The dutch door [at the top of our inside staircase] must have come open," says Chris.

I bring her back into the house, through the basement and up the inside staircase. She bolts out of my arms and into the guest room where she turns around with an angry "Meh!" I close the dutch door firmy behind me making sure it's secure and head back down cellar for some more cleaning relieved that our grumpy lumpy useless cat is safe inside.

It's taken quite a few hours, but Cecil has finally recovered from her ordeal and is currently dozing along the back of the couch behind me.

Cecil's grand day out indeed...


  1. I have a cat named Prop (because she was a prop in a stage play). Anyway...I have a leash for her. If we put the leash on her and take her outside, she ROLLS everywhere. Won't walk. Rolls. It's hysterical.

    Then she refuses to speak to us.

    Until it's time to feed her.


  2. She's trying to roll that leash right off! Too funny.