10 April 2010

Making home livable...

Now that my sister has so kindly and lovingly kicked my butt out of Pathetic-Feeling-Sorry-For-Myself-Ville, I have to get up off of that same butt to help Chris make our home livable again.

While we have made progress in getting our home into a state of order, we still have a long way to go and this weekend is the weekend that it will happen.

We cannot spend one more week living in semi-chaos.

Chris has been up for a few hours now getting things done - like digitizing even more of our - er yeah not - more of his - ginormous music collection. (I could listen to the same 6 CDs for the rest of my life and not really miss new music very much - I'm sure, to the dismay of my music loving husband.)

Me...well, apparently I needed the sleep and my wonderful and very kind husband let me sleep late today. And now he is kindly letting me play on the computer for just a little while before diving into the madness of our day.

So, here's the schedule for the day:
  • Eat something
  • Wait for repair guy to come look at washer & dryer
  • Rent van from place up the street
  • Load van with various and sundry ruined pieces of furniture from basement
  • Take van to transfer station where the Town is allowing people to dump for free today (last day to do so...if we had to take what we're taking to the dump on a normal day...hundreds of dollars in expense)
  • Drive van to IKEA in Stoughton, MA
  • Look for and hopefully purchase good size side board for kitchen to replace little dry sink (pretty, but not very functional because not a lot of storage space) and baker's rack (purchase 10 years ago at Christmas Tree Shoppe for $12. I think we've gotten our money's worth out of it...) with more functional storage space for the kitchen
  • Return home to unload and assemble side board
  • Collapse and watch a movie or something recorded on the DVR
It seems like a doable, although tiring day. I just realized that I forgot to include dinner in there somewhere...

It feels good knowing that by the end of tomorrow we'll have a home that is tidy and livable so that when we come home from our stressful jobs we have a place where we can relax. It also feels good knowing that we'll have this place in order should we soon (hopefully!) get The Call about the arrival of our little Schmoopie.

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