12 April 2011

Umm...yeah...my life is fine...

A friend of ours is in the hospital for a second time in just a few short weeks with a serious - yet mysterious - illness. He's already had one emergency surgery, but the surgeons are hesitant to go in a second time until they know what they're going in there to do.

This is serious and life threatening and super extremely scary stuff.

We're keeping L, his wife and their families in our thoughts and sending him lots of healing energy.

So...all of the bitching and moaning and whining that I've been doing about adoption these last few weeks....

Umm...yeah...my life is just fine...


  1. Sending healing thought up and out through the universe for your friend.

  2. IIWII - thank you so much for sending our healing thoughts. You're very kind.

  3. I add my good wishes as well. xoGG

  4. Thanks, Ms. GG. You are ALWAYS kind and I love you.