11 June 2010

New look...(all over the place blog post...)

Gotta love it when Blogger comes out with new templates. I love messing around with the colors and the formats. So much fun.

Perhaps I missed my calling as a graphic designer?

Yeah, maybe not.

So, anyway, after about 30 minutes of fooling around with the new templates - voila! - a bit of a new look for the blog (although I am nothing if not predictable and it just has to be green and purple!)

Not much news about the adoption...unfortunately.

We'll try to schedule a conference call for next week with the new rep from our facilitator. Apparently, the gal who encouraged us to consider a mom who smoked heavily through her entire pregnancy is no longer employed by our facilitators.

Go figure.

I'm not sure that the new gal is going to have much to tell us. And, in fact, I'm still unsure what the "client liaison" does exactly since our original one seemed to have no clue how to help us except by suggesting the whole smoking change.

Truth is...as I mentioned in an earlier post...kind of tired of the whole thing. The waiting and the wondering. So, unless people ask me specifically about the adoption I'm not spending a whole lot of time thinking about it.

Mostly I'm thinking about work these days because it has been a tremendous and seemingly constant source of aggravation for me. I've just been a huge, walking, seething ball of anger. So much so that I can't seem to let it go at the end of the day. I come home fuming. I vent to Chris. I go to bed fuming.

It's not good.

Last week I spend 40 minutes grousing to my therapist about how aggravated I am all of the time by work.

"Do you have the book Co-Dependent No More?" she asks me in her lovely calm therapist voice.

"Yeah," I reply, not liking where this is going.

"Maybe you ought to read the chapter on 'Detachment'," she suggests in her very gentle therapist-y way.


Knew that was coming.

So, essentially my therapist is telling me that I'm being obsessive and controlling about this particular issue at work.


Knew that was coming.

Last night I am once again sitting in my therapist's tiny office in the green, mushy, moderately comfy chair with my feet up on the ottoman.

"Look, I did my homework!" I chirp cheerfully as I pull the Co-dependant book from my bag. "I'm reading the chapter on detachment."

"And how's that going for you?" she asks. "Is that helping?"

"Yeah..ummm," I say, thinking of the very aggravating afternoon that I've just had at my office and feeling my blood pressure soar, "Not so much."

She looks at me sympathetically and then launches into trying to help me detach from my anger about my work.

Gotta love therapists.

I leave the session feeling more calm than I have in days.

This morning I forget to set my alarm, which is bad in that I missed a trip to the gym, but is good in that I was feeling a bit droopy yesterday - always a sign that I'm on the verge of getting sick. So a long night of sleep was probably the best thing for me instead of hauling my butt out of bed to hit the gym.

And in other news...

Yard sale!!

That's right.

We finally found someone reliable and reasonably priced to come and deal with our very flood damaged basement because we finally admitted that we were just too overwhelmed to do it ourselves.

And he's coming on Monday.

Which means that we have to get everything out of the basement so he has room to work.

Which means that tonight after work will be a mad scramble to haul everything up from the basement that has yet to be hauled up. Then we have to price everything and scour the rest of the house for more stuff to sell.

Gotta love yard sales.

And now that I have rambled somewhat incoherently here I must be off to have some breakfast and then get myself off to work.

Think maybe I'll bring my copy of Co-dependent No More with me...

I was going to say, "You never know, I might need it."

But, quite frankly, I'm going to need it.


  1. I have a dog eared copy...Love ya! Vicki

  2. OK, Vicki - that made me laugh out loud! Thanks! I needed it (because, yes, I am at work and it's 10:29 a.m. and I'm already aggravated again!)