14 August 2010

We drank the Kool Aid...

So Chris and I have successfully completed Week 1/Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet.

Yep, we drank the SBD Kool Aid.

I know.

You weren't expecting that, were you?

Well, miraculously, we're doing it.

And LIKING it.

No, really.

So I didn't buy the SBD book that explains the whole diet/way of life. Instead, printed from the web the lists of foods that are allowed/not allowed, bought the latest cookbook, and used the sample meal plans along with the food lists as guides.  The recipes produce really flavorful, tasty meals (so far anyway...we're batting 1,000 for dinners...Asian Beef in Lettuce Cups, Southwestern Turkey Skillet, Beef with Edamame and Ginger Garlic Sauce, Steak with Mustard Shallot Sauce...YUM!!!)

It's a bit of work. And it definitely takes planning to be successful. Today Chris and I planned out meals for the coming week then hit the grocery store to purchase ingredients. On the menu this week: Quick Beef Fajita Salad, Turkey Romesco, and Chicken Satay Burgers.

As we're driving to the grocery store Chris says to me, "Y'know the leftover cash that I took out for our trip to New York?"


"I didn't touch any of it this week. I mean before we were doing South Beach that would have gone for lunches or ordering something for dinner, but it just sat there all week in my wallet."

"We did like to eat out a lot before this didn't we?"


So, in addition to losing weight (and, yes, SBD really does work if you follow it) we're actually saving money even though our weekly grocery bill is a bit higher than it was pre-SBD because we're not paying for restaurant food.


"Y'know, the other good thing about this is that we're getting into routines making food, which is going to be awesome for when the baby comes. Can't not have food in the house and just rely on take-out when you've got a kid," I say to Chris one day earlier this week as we're preparing dinner.

And it's true.

I'm so glad to be starting these good habits now so that when Schmoopie arrives she'll have parents who keep the fridge stocked with good healthy food. She'll have parents who set a good example.

I'd like to write more, but it's dinner time. So, no more clackering away on the laptop for me this evening - instead it's off to the kitchen!


  1. Wow, you all have way more determination than us! I bet you will save a ton of money in the long run!

  2. Hey, every week you might want to post your favorite SBD recipe. I'd enjoy knowing what each week's top recipe is.

  3. R - wish we'd had this kind of determination ten years ago and had stayed thin at that time...Hee!

    G - that's a great idea. Will do!