15 August 2010

Not Fat Old Jenn...

I step on the scale again today to check my weight.

Stupid, I know. Shouldn't really weigh yourself everyday when losing weight.

But I can't help myself.

Because I keep thinking that I'm not really losing weight. Somehow in my head I've convinced myself that I was just "overly dehydrated" a few days ago when I weighed myself and so when I step on the scale again today that those three pounds will be right back where they were.  I just assume the worst.

How crazy is that?

I've been carrying around this weight for so long now that I sorta dumbly resigned myself to the fact of being Fat Old Jenn. And there is a part of me is who is desperately afraid - despite all current evidence to the contrary - that I'll never get rid of the weight.

That I always be just Fat Old Jenn.

But here's the thing...I wasn't dehydrated a few days ago and those 19.5 pounds I've lost this year - still gone! I stand there on the scale today and the number is just the same - in fact a little less! - as it was two days ago.

Guess what??

Making responsible eating choices + exercise = weight loss.

It's a pretty simple formula.

There's no magic cure for being fat.

Eat healthy food. Move everyday. Breathe. Lose weight.

I have a lot of pounds left to lose to get to where I want to be and where I know I can be a  healthy, active mom to Schmoopie. But now that Chris has joined me in this weight loss adventure, I know that I can do it.

My husband is a genius. Today he decided to have a salad and a burger (no bun, of course) for lunch. No ketchup or BBQ sauce allowed on SBD because they contain too much sugar so he used Taco sauce. Brilliant! I wouldn't have thought of that ever...

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  1. You're right, it's a simple formula and yet - for so many reasons - hard for us humans to follow. I applaud you establishing healthy habits now so that when your little one arrives you'll have menus and routines already in place. (Not to mention some extra $ in the bank.) Kudos!