28 February 2010


It's been a long time since I've posted anything.


It's not like me.

We're just kind of living while we're waiting for whatever happens next in this adoption. As such, apparently I've been a bit off the grid in terms of the blog and Facebook.

My days = working, hanging out with the husband, eating well, exercising (yes, I have dropped 13 pounds...that's the equivalent of 52 sticks of butter for anyone else out there who is trying to lose weight), watching the Olympics, going to the library, reading, and spending quality time with a very grumpy cat.


And waiting.

It isn't so bad. People - colleagues and friends - have been very kind. They always ask, "So, what's new with the adoption."

"We're just waiting right now."

What else can I say?

Their kindness reminds me that we're waiting.

As much as I try not to calculate how long we've been waiting or try not to think about how much longer we'll have to wait...it crops up in my mind from time to time. And for a minute or two I get a little sad. Maybe even a little weepy. But then I remind myself that we knew this waiting would happen and that we haven't really been waiting that long and that life goes on.

I can't let myself slip into some kind of stasis until this baby arrives. I can't worry about how long we're going to have to wait.

Life goes on.

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