19 February 2010


OK, I admit it.

I am addicted.

To the Winter Olympics.

I feel so very sorry for our Plus One in future years.

The winter Olympics will come around again and my little Schmoopie is going to desperately want my attention or she's going to need something from me (like food, a bedtime story or a bandage to cover the horrendously bleeding gash in her leg...) and without looking away from the television I'm going to say something horrible like, "Not now, Honey. Mommy is busy watching her fifth straight hour of curling."*

Poor kid.

I was so tired last night, but I just could not, would not drag myself away from the men's figure skating (long program.) And now today I am feeling a bit zombie-ish.

And it won't be any better tonight...

Ice dancing!

*I am, of course, kidding. I might look away from the television for a minute to deliver the bad news to the kid that Mommy isn't available...

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