02 December 2009

Sharing...part 2

Our conversation this evening...

ME (from the top of the stairs): Did you read my blog post today?

HUSBAND (calls up from his desk): No.

ME: (still from the top of the stairs): I'm an awful person.

HUSBAND: Are you going to get us in trouble with the Home Owners' Association?

ME: No. Just you.

HUSBAND: [Silence as he reads my blog post]

HUSBAND: Y'know, Lysol hurts when it gets in your eyes...

ME: [I laugh] I'm an awful person, aren't I?

HUSBAND: [long pause] Nooo...

ME: That was a really long pause before that "Nooo."

HUSBAND: [no answer. I can hear him tap-tap-tapping furiously away on his keyboard]

ME: Are you leaving me a comment?

HUSBAND: Maaayyybeee... [tap tap tap!]

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