28 December 2009

Not again....please

I had intended to come home this evening to take up where I last left off on the "Worthy..." post.

However, this is not to be because I am too distracted and upset.

One of our kitties - Forest - is sick. And not sick like she has a little respiratory infection. She is sick like she needed x-rays and our vet doesn't like the way her x-rays look and had Chris schedule an abdominal ultrasound on Thursday. (We'd do the ultrasound sooner, but the ultrasound guy is on vacation until Thursday...)

Chris shows me the x-rays when I arrive home this evening. He points out the area that Dr. B doesn't like: some kind of mass with white spots in her lower abdominal area.

This wasn't there when she was having some issues with weight loss back in July. The ultrasound was clear. We changed her meds. She gained some weight. She seemed OK.

And then she started eating more sporadically and losing weight again.

And now this - whatever it is - is in her belly.

We just lost Annabel.

We can't lose Forest, too. We just can't...

Please send healing energy to our little Forest if you think of it. Thank you.

More soon.


  1. I am sending healing energy your way.. I will also say some prayers that Forest will be ok..Suzy

  2. Thinking of you, Chris, and Forest.

  3. I read on Chris' post of Forest's last ride. Sending you & Chris all the best.