13 December 2009

Say "Cheeeeeeese"...part 2

So we're at a standstill with the adoption because of the photo situation.

We apparently didn't say "cheeeeese" in the "correct" way.


We sent the adoption facilitators the photos we liked and thought would be best for our profile and got several rather firm e-mails in response saying essentially, "Some great photos, but not everything that we need." Our adoption facilitators will not budge on this issue.

Chris e-mailed several times trying to get them to budge.

No go.

If we e-mail again it'll just turning into a pissing contest.

So while Chris was at the grocery store last night I spent time looking at the various profiles on the adoption facilitators' website.

Essentially many of the couples' close-up photos look exactly the same - sweet and gooey and super posed.


This is what we have to do?


So, today we need to take more photos. And since we're planning to do "tree trim" today it's at least a good day to take some fun photos of us actually doing something that we like to do.

And - as much as we hate the idea - we'll have to get out the tripod and take some gooey "couple-y" photos of us looking adoringly at each other.


Not that I don't adore Chris...because I do. But the idea that an expectant mother will somehow only see our love for each other or my adoration for Chris via a photo of me making goo-goo eyes at him...It's just so stupid.

If you really want to see how Chris and I are together - check out or wedding photos. There are certainly some gooey ones, but the best photos show us just when we're being silly. In fact, my very favorite photo is of Chris kissing me on the cheek while I have my tongue stuck out at the camera. It's actually one of a three-photo series where we're just totally goofing around. I think that my grandmother was horrified to see that particular series featured in our wedding album, but anyone who knows us thought they were great and pretty much reflects us as a couple.

So today - in spite of me still having a cold and feeling kind of on the crappy side - we are going to take more photos. We are intelligent, fun and creative people and we will NOT be defeated by this photo process!!

Besides, if the adoption doesn't move forward again and very soon...I'm pretty certain that my wonderful husband's head will explode. He is NOT a happy camper. And when he's not happy... nobody's happy.

So....say "cheeeeeeeeese"


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