10 November 2009

Insomnia...part 2

We settle into our very comfy king size bed rather late last evening...or rather - very early this morning. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1:00 a.m.

Why such a stupid hour on a school night?

Because Chris didn't make it home until 9:30 last evening after working a ridiculously long day.

"My plan of getting out of my office by 6:00 p.m. from now on got derailed on the first day of implementation!" Chris laments in a phone call to me at 7:30 p.m.

Gotta love his job.

So I stay up until he arrives home. We have a good conversation and then we settle down to watch the episode of"House" that has been recorded on the DVR.

"You awake enough to watch 'Castle'?" Chris asks at the conclusion of "House."

"Sure!" I trill enthusiastically, looking forward to 48 minutes of Nathan Fillion's "Castle" making numerous clever remarks to Stana Katic's "Beckett." How fun!

My fatal error.

Once I pass 11:00 p.m....the dreaded Second Wind kicks in.

Suddenly, after a great episode of "Castle" I find myself wide awake and reading my favorite blogs, loafing on Facebook, watching a few YouTube videos and by 12:30 I am still not in bed.


When we finally do crawl into bed after all of our foozling around, I get nice and comfy. Forest is on the bed with us purring like crazy. Chris sounds like he is going to fall away at any moment.

And I'm lying there wide awake.

There is NO sleep happening for me.


So, I grab my book, my pillow and my alarm clock and begin the dreaded journey to the guest room to read.

"You OK?" Chris asks groggily as I start to gather my things.

"Yeah, just can't sleep. I'm gonna go read," I say grumpily.

"Hope you manage to get some sleep. I love you," my sleepy husband says to me as he's rolling over. Seconds later I hear him snoring.

Usually during my nocturnal guest room reading sessions, Annabel joins me. With a loud "Mrow!" to indicate her displeasure at my still being awake she'll settle in right next to my pillow and then sigh and sigh again with obvious annoyance that the light is still on.

Not last night.

Annabel is already sacked out somewhere else in the house.

So I am alone and awake with just my book for company.

And now its early and I'm getting ready to head off to work feeling like my head is stuffed with cotton.

It's mornings like this that I wonder if Schmoopie will be a champion sleeper (please!) or will she be an insomniac baby who needs all kinds of TLC in the middle of the night. And will any of her potential nocturnal forays into wakefulness coincide with my bouts of insomnia or will we be on opposite schedules and both exhausted and grumpy during the day?

Oh, the anticipation...


Off to work.

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