17 November 2009

Follow up...

I'm finding it hard to write after my last very long post.

How do I follow up on that?

Part of me wanted to write something very light-hearted, witty and amusing, but I'm not in that frame of mind at the moment.

Still feeling kind of pensive.

And tired.

All of the emotion of the last few days combined with the intensity of my job has left me feeling worn out... (so, it's a good thing that I'm awake and blogging at 11:26 p.m. on a work night...) There are still thoughts rattling around in my brain about compassion and adoption, but now that I am actually setting fingers to clackering away at my keyboard, I find myself too tired to organize my thoughts into any semblance of coherence. As my old camp friend Lisa W. used to say every morning as we dragged ourselves into the Lodge for a few minutes of peace without our campers, "Lord, I am dragging ass today!"

So, I will save my ramblings for another evening when I am feeling a bit more energetic.

Before I go, just want to take a moment to thank Kathryn, Anonymous, Amanda and Dawn for your lovely comments on the "Compassion..." post.


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