04 October 2009

Timetables...more waiting

Homestudy - DONE and in the hands of social worker M who is soon going to be writing our homestudy report.

Application to the adoption facilitators - DONE and MAILED.

E-mail from the marketing folks at the adoption facilitators - RECEIVED. Marketing gal S describes in the e-mail our next steps to get our online profile designed. She sends us a long list of photos and writings that we need to submit ASAP to get our profile up and live FAST.

Now, here's the funny thing...

We're not going to send the stuff to marketing gal S ASAP.

We've been cruising along these last few months trying to get everything done in a timely fashion to get us that much closer to being Plus One.

We've been efficient.

We were frustrated at times when the wait for certain pieces of the homestudy paperwork seemed to take forever.

We were in a hurry!

And now...

Well, now we kind of have to put the brakes on.

It's not that we don't want to get Schmoopie soon...because we certainly do! However, Chris and I also have extensive professional commitments through December 2009. This is the BUSY BUSY BUSY SEASON for both of us. While I would love to just get our Little One and run, I can't abandon my colleagues at this time of year.

So now we have to slow things down just a bit.

We'll submit our photos and such soon.

(But not as soon as we would like.)

The facilitators will design our online profile soon.

(But it won't go live as soon as we would like.)

We have to wait.

Maternity leave and paternity leave just can't happen until 2010.

It's not as if we think that we would be selected immediately, but why take that chance?

It's frustrating to be at a point where we know that we could move forward quickly and be that much closer to being Plus One.

As frustrating as it might be...it's also necessary and will ultimately be better for all of us as a family if Chris and I can honor our professional commitments by getting through the last few crazy months of 2009.

So now we wait...just a little longer.

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