24 September 2009

Homestudy homestretch...

Chris sits swearing at his computer last evening...or rather swearing at the login section of the e-Trade website. His username and password aren't working.

"This IS my password," I can hear him muttering furiously as he tries yet again to login, "AND this IS my username. Why isn't this working???"

More furious muttering and tapping at the keyboard.

Meanwhile at my desk I am transferring the originals of various documents and letters from our homestudy binder into the binder that we are preparing to give social worker M.

A few more expletives and a phone call to e-Trade later and Chris is logged in to retrieve the financial information that we must include in our homestudy paperwork.

He completes the financial form shortly after that without any further ado.

The binder is completed just a few minutes shy of midnight.

The hand-off to social worker M is this evening.

We're in the homestretch of this part of the adoption!


  1. Hi! I'm a fellow adopting blogger and would love to link to you, if that's okay.

    Good luck on your journey!