08 June 2009

Words of wisdom...

"I know you're not supposed to say this," says my friend J yesterday over the remains of burgers and hotdogs on our deck, "but every once in a while I can totally understand the concept of child abuse."

He shoots me a wry grin.

I laugh.

We watch his children - daughter F (age 9) and son A (age 4) - play badminton with Chris in the backyard.

He continues, "Sometimes they'll just aggravate you SO much you just want to pick them up and shake them really, really hard. But, of course, you can't DO that," he pauses while his wife E laughs and nods in agreement, "but then they'll come up, do something really cute and sweet, or put their little arms around you and give you kisses and tell you that they love you and it's all worth it."

Good to know.

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