09 June 2009

Morning grumpies...

I woke up feeling kind of grumpy this morning (oh, my lucky husband!) Went to bed too late last evening and had strange dreams all night. So I awoke feeling somewhat more tired than when I went to bed.

Morning Grumpies.

I have them when I don't sleep well or long enough or when I hit the sack too late or when my sleep is interrupted by a howling cat.

Yes, we have a really old, barf-prone, howling-prone kitty. Annabel is turning 19 in just a few short months and we think that she has a bit of kitty-dementia. 3:30 in the morning apparently seems like a s good time to her to wake up to demand food and attention. Argh.

It occurs to me this a.m. as I am working through my Morning Grumpies that I will not be able to indulge in my Morning Grumpies for much longer. I can't be grumpy with The Kid when she arrives. Our Little One should see only cheerful faces in the morning - faces full of love and happiness. Not a scowling face full of the Morning Grumpies.

I'm going to have to deal with mornings minus the Grumpies.

Is it realistic of me to think that I'll be able to be happy every morning and greet our Little One with smiles and a chipper attitude? Probably not (especially if the Little One and the Annabel don't sleep through the night!), but I'd like to try.

Morning Grumpies are something of a luxury that I allow myself from time to time, but something that I don't necessarily want to inflict on our child (Chris is, however, a different story!...He just laughs at my Morning Grumpies and makes fun of me...like today. I say to him from the comfort of our bed, "I'm really grumpy" to which he replies with a grin, "I know. Why do you think I'm leaving the room?" and with a swirl of blue plaid bathrobe he is out the bedroom door to retrieve laundry.)

My Morning Grumpies have subsided (they never usually last that long) so I suppose I ought to head upstairs to take care of ironing our clothes for the day.


  1. Annabel is just looking out for us, trying to get us in shape for months of interrupted sleep.

  2. And you know what? It's okay to be grumpy, because that's a real emotion--and you can say to the kid, "Oh, I'm feeling grumpy this morning," and STILL have a loving, albeit grumpy, face. Kids understand much more than we think, and are very resilient.

    It's okay to be grumpy once in awhile, and work your way through it the way you'll want your child to work her way through it when she's grumpy...

    Hope I'm making sense!