26 March 2011


11:47 a.m. 

Day two of my forty-third year on the planet.

Still in my jammies and bathrobe. Have not - as I promised my husband yesterday - gone to gym. Instead, got up while he was at spin, had my breakfast and went back to bed for several hours.

Thinking that perhaps I'm not exactly out of my funk just yet.

"You OK?" says wonderful husband popping his head into the darkened bedroom.


He looks worried.

He probably should be.

Still kind of funk-y.

It's a gorgeous day today. Another of those not-a-cloud-in-the-sky kind of days. Chris says it's cold out, but I don't care. Time to put on some outdoor-cool-weather-exercise-clothing. Go for a walk. Get some air in my lungs and a bit of Vitamin D.

Time to de-funk-ify.


  1. I hope you walked. I hope the crisp air filled your lungs with life.

    I hope you are post-funk.

  2. I always find a shower helps. Oh wait....that's a different kind of de-funkafying! Thinking about you.

  3. IIWII - I did indeed walk yesterday and again today. It helped! Not completely post-funk, but getting there. Thanks so much for checking in.

    Mrs. H - lol. After my long sweaty walk I also had to de-funkafy that way, too! Thanks for thinking of me.