27 May 2009

New blog...New mom (almost)

I tried blogging once before...for three whole days. At the time, I don't think that my heart was truly in it so I deactivated my blog before anyone other than my husband had a chance to read it.

But now I have something to blog about...something about which I am truly excited...our new Little One! ...Well, the Little One that will be joining our family in the (hopefully) near future.

My husband and I are on the road to adopting a child - or as it's been described in several of the adoption books we have in the house - "the adoption journey." We're at the very beginning of the Yellow Brick Adoption Road. I've created this blog to record our journey and to keep our friends and family updated on our progress toward becoming "Plus One."

It's late and I need to head to bed...to read just a few more pages in the baby name book that I bought for my husband and so far haven't let him read.

More tomorrow.

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