24 October 2010

Not much to report...

We thought we might have some news, but it turned out to be nothing.

Still waiting.

Please come visit me at my other blog 80 Sticks of Butter to read about my ongoing efforts to rid myself of Bernice.


  1. Ohh darn :/ So sorry the waiting is tough...

  2. Have you expanded your search with other agencies that don't require a lot of $ down? That could be a good option for you at this point. Know that the waiting is the worst part and this WILL happen for you. :)
    -Sandy, AP to DS

  3. R - thanks. The waiting is kind of tough, but we are focusing on other things - weight loss and getting healthy and some home stuff. Just decided to do a modest update of our very outdated kitchen. Life goes on.

    S - thanks for the suggestion. We're working with two agencies right now (one sort of unofficially) so I think that's where we'll stay. Kind of in a "it's going to happen when it happens" frame of mind. It's all good.