25 January 2010

Why...I love my husband

We're in the kitchen this evening taking care of a little cleaning and prepping of dinner. Chris is washing the few dirty dishes that remain from the weekend. I am holding some lettuce leaves waiting for the sink to become available so that I can wash them for our salad.

Our conversation:

ME: [looking at the Romaine lettuce leaves in my hands] You know my favorite author - Barbara Pym.

CHRIS: Yyyeeessss?

ME: Well, I love it how in so many of her novels these very proper English women of the 1940s lament the fact that they just can't properly "dress a lettuce." [the sink becomes available and I wash the lettuce leaves] Or how some of her English lady characters whisper nastily about some other English lady, "Well, SHE doesn't even know how to properly dress a lettuce!"

CHRIS: [chuckles then pauses] How DO you properly "dress a lettuce"?

ME: [making salad and about to answer, but cut off by Chris still musing aloud on the proper way to dress a lettuce]

CHRIS: Tuxedo? [pause] Cummerbund? String tie?

Now it's my turn to chuckle.

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  1. And then there's always that little black dress...